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Profiler Mounting System for AAC Devices and Notebook Computers

Profiler Mounting System for AAC Devices and Notebook ComputersThe Profiler mounting system is a new innovative design that makes mounting to wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, stroller's and tables a breeze. The Profiler can mount to square , oblong, and round tubing. You can use either vertical or horizontal tubing. The Profiler can even be mounted to the inside of some chairs and brought out from the side and up.

It's light-weight and easy to adjust. Can move to the side with the single lift of a lever. The Profiler can be used with most of the communications devices on the market. Users have a choice of using any of the augmentative communication company's quick release, or C.J.T.'s device plate or C.J.T.'s new quick release system.

For more information and pricing, see page 26 of our catalog.

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