High Tech Rehab Solutions
Our Products

Vocational Rehabilitation

Sample Technology Products

  • Personal and Notebook Computer
  • Printers
    • Dell
    • Gateway
    • Hewlett Packard
  • Ergonomic Chairs
    • Neutral Posture Chairs
  • Computer Accessories: Keyboards, Mice, Wrist Rests, Footrests
  • Monitor Arms
    • Space Co Space Arms
  • Keyboard Trays/Arms
    • Work Rite Keyboard Trays/Arms
  • Speech Recognition Software
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

Installation & Training

  • Our experienced and professional staff brings technology to your home or workplace.
  • We set up all equipment and provide a comprehensive training on its use.

Product Support

  • Hightech Rehab Solutions technology items come with extended manufacturer warranties and we support our products and installation with excellent customer service.

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