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The Tango is the most innovative AAC device available. It's the only device that provides multiple modes of communication, so individuals can best meet many communication needs in diverse situations.

The Tango's breakthrough consumer electronics also provides unprecedented personalization and communicationopportunities. Check out the many ways the Tango is changing the lives of individuals who require AAC.

The Tango is in every category because of its versatility, flexibility and ease of programming.

For more information and pricing, see page 9 of our catalog.

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Smart 128Our newest Smart/128 augmentative and alternative communication device features 128 locations that allow for more extensive communication.  As our Smart Series family continues growing, our Smart/128 maintains all of the functions, features and benefits of the Tech/Series.  Durability and affordability are preserved at the highest of standards.

This new device features a transparent top grid which can be easily removed.  With the grid, the Smart/128 is a standard static 128 location AAC device.

Without the grid, Smart/128 can be used for pictorial communication.  This key feature brings an added level of versatility to our new device.

For more information and pricing, see page 11 of our catalog.

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VocaFlexVocaFlex offers a unique concept in AAC devices. 51 overlays can be stored into VocaFlex at once. The overlays have bar-codes that are read by VocaFlex. When a different overlay is placed on the device, the VocaFlex automatically changes the keyboard configuration and vocabulary to match the overlay. The VocaFlex is now available with either 30 minutes or a full hour of recorded speech.

New Features include:

Besides the new red color, the VocaFlex is now available with either 30 minutes or 1 hour of recording time. These new models also have keyboard filtering so that it is easier to make accurate message selections. All messages can now be spoken with a single key activation. In addition to these new features, both models are now available at a lower price!

For more information and pricing, see page 11 of our catalog.

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