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  • Contact our offices at 210-698-9377 and request a client evaluation or free onsite needs assessment.
  • Fax your request for evaluation to 210-698-2544 attention: Cathy Fox/Office Manager.
  • Electronic referral: See attached referral form: email cathyf@hightechrehab.com
  • Include with your referral request:
    • the clients name
    • phone number
    • reason for the request
    • the person making the request
    • a Purchase Order number or other agreed upon form of payment should also accompany this request
  • Early Intervention Services

    On-site evaluation of the employee and the work environment BEFORE symptoms progress to a work related injury claim. Employee education on injury prevention and management processes and how to "rehab symptoms at home". Modification of the workstation when deemed a contributing factor to the employee's symptoms. Close coordination with the employer on risk factor reduction strategies. As appropriate, identification of modified or light duty options.

    Ergonomic Assessment: Office/Industrial

    Evaluation of an employee's workstation by an experienced, licensed Occupational or Physical Therapist. Assessment of client essential and marginal job functions and their contribution to injury or illness. This one to one evaluation includes assessment of a client's job tasks, work flow, postures, frequency of risk factors and causes for discomfort. Findings are documented in a comprehensive yet concise report which identifies risk factors and makes recommendations for change as appropriate. Digital photography is frequently used to highlight problem areas and educate clients on the need for change.

    On-Site Job Analysis

    Evaluation of an employer's office or manufacturing based work setting with emphasis on work flow, processes, tool use, frequency, and repetition of job tasks. Risk factors identified and recommendations for modifications and equipment solutions offered. Comprehensive written report of all findings. Digital photography and video analysis available as needed.

    Onsite Education & Training Programs

    Employer based education and training programs to address employee awareness of risk factors, proper body mechanics and postures, and safe work habits. education, safety and risk reduction.

    • Office Ergonomics 101: Overview of common computer based risk factors and how they can be prevented. Emphasis on proper body mechanics and posture while working at a seated computer work station. Employees learn how to set up ergonomically correct workstations independently. Basic principles of stretching are reviewed.

    • Back Education & Body Mechanics Training: Provides employees with a basic overview of the anatomy of their body and activities that may place it at risk. Safe material lifting and handling is demonstrated in a participative format using the actual items handled on the job. Alternative lifting and material handling strategies area offered to improve safety and efficiency.

    • Workplace Stretching Programs: Customized work place stretching programs that can be implemented quickly and effectively. Emphasis on high risk muscle groups.

    • Train the Trainer Classes: Education and training of front line supervisors and managers to identify high risk postures and work behaviors and correct them as they occur.

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