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TangoThe Tango is the most innovative AAC device available. It's the only device that provides multiple modes of communication, so individuals can best meet many communication needs in diverse situations.

The Tango's breakthrough consumer electronics also provides unprecedented personalization and communicationopportunities. Check out the many ways the Tango is changing the lives of individuals who require AAC.

The Tango is in every category because of its versatility, flexibility and ease of programming.

For more information and pricing, see page 6 of our catalog.

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Quick Glance 3

Quick Glance 3Quick Glance is an assistive technology device which provides an efficient alternative to the mouse. It moves the cursor according to the user's eye movements.

Quick Glance 3 is a mouse replacement device designed for Microsoft Windows 98/XP. It allows the user to place the mouse pointer anywhere on the screen simply by looking at the desired location. "Clicking" can be done with an eye blink, a hardware switch, or by staring (dwell). What could be more natural?

Combining Quick Glance with an on-screen keyboard gives the user the ability to communicate with text or speech output. Various options for emulating mouse functions give the user complete accessibility to all Windows features including right clicking, dragging, and double clicking!

For more information and pricing, see page 20 of our catalog.

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EzCOMM Dynamic Speech Generating Platform

EzCOMM Dynamic Speech Generating Platform Combing the flexibility of a software bundle of your choice with the power of a PC, the EzCOMM is a fully integrated system. Communicate, Email, Access the Web, or control infrared ready devices such as a TV, the EzCOMM D1200 is ready to work for you.

  • Key features include:
  • High-output, dual speakers optimally tuned for voice transmission.
  • Powerful, durable speech device using the most recent computing technology
  • Long battery life up to 8 hours

  • Wide-angle view touch screen producing sharp images in varying light conditions.
  • Built-in dual switch ports allowing for alternative access methods.
  • Inclusive environmental control capabilities with learning remote control for greater independence.
  • Powerful software packages designed to meet your communication needs.
  • Rear USB port and cable channel for alternative access or future technology additions.
  • Dual, high output infrared bulbs allowing for maximum transmission at varying angles.
  • External CDR/RW drive
For more information and pricing, see page 13 of our catalog.

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Optimist 3HD

Optimist 3HDThe Optimist 3HD is a powerful augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) aid that is ideal for direct selection on its bright, all-light readable 8.4 inch touch screen or for scanning on its dynamic display. The unit's light weight makes carrying easy.

For more information and pricing, see page 14 of our catalog.

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Vangaurd Plus

Vangaurd Plus The newly re-designed Vanguard Plus is a full-sized dynamic display communication aid that features synthesized and digitized speech, computer emulation, and infrared environmental controls, making the device an excellent option for both children beginning with AAC and adults with acquired disabilities. The large, full-color display can aid clients with visual or motor issues or clients using scanning as their access method.

For more information and pricing, see page 14 of our catalog.

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VantageVantage is the dynamic choice for powerful language and portable design. The enhanced operating system makes Vantage easy to customize and support. Vantage includes 4,8 and 15 location display options, plus the 45 and 84 location Unity Enhanced vocabulary.

For more information and pricing, see page 14 of our catalog.

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SpringBoard can be an excellent starting point for the child or adult just beginning the augmentative communication process. SpringBoard can also be the next step for someone who has demonstrated success with manual communication boards or static display devices with limited message capacity. SpringBoard is flexible, easy to customize and easy to support. Available Options that must be specified at the time of purchase include Integrated Headpointing and PCS Symbols.

For more information and pricing, see page 14 of our catalog.

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PathfinderPathfinder is a powerful communications tool that features both a static keyboard plus a color dynamic display for a new generation of augmentative communication solutions. And it comes already set up with vocabulary (Unity 128), pictures, computer keyboard emulation and infrared controls.

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ChatPC-M3+ChatPC-M3+ is intended for individuals with existing or emerging literacy skills. This model has all the features necessary to use and create vocabulary sets using symbols and photographs as well as spelling enhancement tools. ChatPC-M3+ provides Word Prediction, Letter Prediction and Abbreviation Expansion. The ChatPC-M3+ also allows the option of accessing Windows applications in the PocketPC operating system.

ChatPC-M3+ is a self-contained, truly portable communication device. This small device weighs only 17 oz. and includes a touch screen, amplified speaker and extra battery - all nestled in a protective magnesium case.

ChatPC-M3+ also contains pre-programmed starter vocabulary sets, which can save hours of setup time. The Mayer Johnson PCS symbols and Imagine symbols are included for customizing and creating your own pages. You can also use the included DesktopChat software to create pages and to import photos and other images from a computer.

ChatPC-M3+ Features

  • Word Prediction
  • Character Prediction
  • Abbreviation expansion
  • Software and hardware volume control
  • On/off switch and auto power-down
  • 1 hour to several hours of recorded speech
  • DecTalk synthesized speech
  • The device is accessed by finger touch - no stylus required.
  • Rechargeable (Lithium-Ion) battery
  • Screen size: 4" (diagonal)
  • 12 month warranty
  • Size: 3.5" x 5.8"
  • Weight: 17 oz.

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