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Viking Communicatior 4

The Viking Communicator 4 is the most user-friendly communication aid that provides the most powerful accessibility tools. Features include:

  • Sound
  • Picture-based communication boards
  • Text-based communication boards
  • Picture Libraries
  • Writing Technology
  • E-Mail Capabilities
  • Text-Messaging Capabilities
  • Access to other Windows Programs
  • Picture Technology

For more information and pricing, see page 28 of our catalog.

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The Grid 2

The Grid 2 is an all-in-one package for communication and access. The Grid 2 allows people with limited or unclear speech to use a computer as a voice ouput communication aid, using symbols or text to build sentences.

You can also access your Windows desktop and other programs, with the built in Computer Control features.

In addition to this, you can send and receive email and sms messages, browse the web, listen to music... and more too!

The Grid 2 is accessible to everybody, accepting input from switches, headpointer, touchscreen, mouse, and other options too.

For more information and pricing, see page 29 of our catalog.

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New REACH Speech System™

REACH has an extensive speech augmentation system containing over 120 speech keyboards with dozens of possible messages available on each keyboard - click on "Speech Keyboards" key found on most Home keyboards.  Below is the home keyboard for the new REACH Speech System™ .  If you purchase the Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols™ (PCS) add-on, then the keys will fill up with pictures as shown in the next section.

For more information and pricing, see page 30 of our catalog.

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Boardmaker® v. 6 for Windows

Boardmaker v.6 for WindowsIdeal for creating printed materials!

An incredibly flexible and powerful tool to create and print symbol-based materials!

Boardmaker software is the premiere software among educators for creating printed symbol-based communication and educational materials. A drawing program combined with a graphics database, Boardmaker features more than 4,500 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) in both black-and-white and color, all in 44 languages.

For more information and pricing, see page 5 of our catalog.

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Picture Master Language Software

Picture Master Language SoftwareUse Picture Master Language Software (PMLS) to create communication overlays for your computer or to program your portable Bluebird II communication device.

PMLS is a unique software package that allows you to create communication boards with unprecedented flexibility. Choose a grid and then place symbols onto the grid. Browse through the folders or search for your symbol by name. Over 3,000 symbols are available in 6 formats:

  • black/white simple line drawings
  • color simple line drawings
  • black/white realistic drawings
  • color realistic drawings
  • photos
  • animated gif files

Use the graphic format that is easily recognized by the communicator. You can change the format of each symbol individually or you can change all of the symbols on the page at once.

For more information and pricing, see page 31 of our catalog.

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WordPower is a Grammar-based text boards for efficient, novel speech and writing!

WordPower software from Inman Innovations is a word-based vocabulary design available for SD Pro. WordPower combines the features of core vocabulary, spelling, and word prediction. The system capitalizes on the fact that a core of just 100 words accounts for approximately 50% of words spoken.

There are four components included with WordPower:

  • WordPower (for text users)
  • Picture WordPower (for users who need picture cues)
  • Scanning WordPower
  • Scanning Picture WordPower

IExcellent for:

  • beginning readers needing symbol support
  • nonverbal users
  • users with language delays
  • users with cognitive impairment

For more information and pricing, see page 31 of our catalog.

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